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John Hardy Willson was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia where he attended James Madison High School.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History and English from the University of Alabama.   John Hardy has worked on political campaigns on the local, state and national level , coordinated grassroots efforts in Virginia for Novartis Pharmaceuticals PAC, and  has over a decade of experience in both IT consulting and the healthcare industry.   He is currently enrolled in the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia (2011 Political Leaders Program).  The Sorensen Institute is a leadership development program for residents of Virginia interested in becoming more active in public service, whether as community leaders or as elected officials.  In the Spring of 2010, he completed Sorensen’s CLP Program, held at Montpelier, the home of James Madison, author of the Constitution of the United States.

Philosophically his writings are inspired by the works of  Adam Smith, David Hume, John Locke, and Dr. Forrest McDonald – under whom he studied 18th Century Political Philosophy while attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  John Hardy largely credits his world view to his friends, father, Stephen Studdert, who served as a White House advisor to U.S Presidents, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford and who has represented U.S. Presidents in diplomatic assignments to over one hundred nations.

As a local resident of Hanover County, Virginia, he is an active member of the Mechanicsville Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Vice President of the Hanover County Historical Society, a member of the Historic Polegreen Church Foundation, The Middle Resolution, and served as the Jury Commissioner for the Chickahominy District.   Nationally, he serves as a Vice President of Membership for the BYU Political Affairs Society.

Married with two small children, the Willson family resides in Hanover County.

John Hardy with Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell



Jack Nelson is a Certified Public Accountant that has worked in the private and public sector for 30 years.  Jack has been involved in community service through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the last 20 years, and more recently, has engaged in the political arena through a variety of local and regional organizations dedicated to restoring government to its Founding Principles.

Currently, Jack is a member of The Middle Resolution and serves on the Marketing Committee.  Jack proposed establishing The 1776 Fund, which The Middle Resolution adopted as one of its fund raising models in the Spring of 2011.

Jack Nelson



Brad Martin is a native of Tidewater, Virginia, having grown up in Norfolk and currently residing in Virginia Beach.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer, and in July of 2007 he founded a civil engineering firm after working for 15 years in a few other land development and civil engineering firms.  His company currently employs three full-time workers.

Brad formalized his conservative leanings during his four years of education at General Lee’s University in Lexington, Virginia.  Joining only a handful of Washington & Lee graduates who didn’t either go straight to law school or immediately enter into politics, Brad returned to Tidewater (against the advice of his engineering professors, who encouraged all nine of the graduating engineers to attend graduate school) to begin gainful employment.  He may well be the only licensed professional engineer to have graduated from Washington & Lee University.

Brad has been appointed by the Virginia Beach City Council to several Boards and Commissions and currently serves on two: the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board and the newly-formed Process Improvement Steering Committee; the former reviews applications for construction within 100 feet of the cherished Chesapeake Bay, and the latter has been established recently to examine and recommend improvements to the core functions of City Government including both processes as well as communication with citizens.

Brad volunteers as a swim coach for the local Special Olympics Swim Team and just completed a one-year term as the president of the Cape Henry Rotary Club.  The treasures of Brad’s life are his wife Tracey and their son Henry.

Brad Martin


Posted June 24, 2011 by The Middle Resolution

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