2012 & The Great Kabuki   Leave a comment

No ; I am not referring to Akhisa Yone Yoshi Mera, the famous Japanese Professional Wrestler, who became infamous for first blowing “Asian Mist” into his opponents’ faces. Although as a voter, I do feel I can commiserate with his former opponents considering what is being doled out by the incumbents campaign to the public; could be compared the fore-mentioned mist. It is time for substance; not men in tights and cheap theatrics.

Drawing focus onto Romney’s bank accounts whether domestic or offshore; isn’t moving the country”Forward”. If the incumbent were such a man of steele, and there is tangible proof that Romney has broken the law; press charges and be over with it already. It is evident that the hyperbole of “Hope and Change” hasn’t put our country back on the path to prosperity and the country isn’t in a position for another four years of “Forward” (destination unknown perhaps even time travel back to the Wiemar Republic) under the incumbents leadership. It is time for outcome based leadership. Focus on judging skill-sets and track records, and you will see that Romney wins hands down.


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