The State of the Union by John Hardy Willson, a Contributor   Leave a comment

Tonight the President will put in what equates to a beauty pageant and will further flame the fires of rhetoric that divide the American populace. Attacking those who have excelled in the free market by using slight of hand to enrage those who haven’t been educated in the art of investment and impede economic growth by further crushing capital used to create businesses. The more government gets the less risk individuals will take to create these businesses. Overall he will attempt to advantage of the slight push recently by the economy and give yet another empty speech. Words do not create businesses; neither does the government especially when it ties the hands of the market with poor economic policy and regulations. The current administrations blueprint will never be successful as it doesn’t empower free individuals and free markets. Tonight the President will parade Warren Buffet’s secretary (who Buffet should just pay in stocks like he pays himself so that she would be in the same income tax bracket) and fill the Presidential Box with celebrities. Nothing new here; just another empty speech from an empty Administration.


Posted January 24, 2012 by The Middle Resolution in Uncategorized

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