Hall Pass? by John Hardy Willson, a Contributor   Leave a comment

Voters didn’t pay attention when Hillary Clinton’s Campaign complained that the media was vetting Obama with kid gloves in the last Election. I personally had a harder time getting two dollars out of my parents in high school for a Friday Night.

One must wonder gentle the liberal media will be the second trip around the block for President Obama. If anything he should be grateful as conservatives appear to be handling the vetting for their candidates during the caucus and primary season. Despite the very public Republican Family Feud; once a nominee has been anointed, the liberal media will be sure to give them a good flourishing. The nominee will get the old prostate exam, in which the media will be sure to use large hands and they be will screaming “Moonriver” well in advance of Election Day. Meanwhile; Obama will have it easier than a high school kid getting a hall pass to catch a smoke in the boys room.

This cannot happen again. The Republican nominee and anyone who supports sending him back to Chicago must apply pressure to the media to truly vet him this time around. Not to mention the swat team of Czars and bureaucrats he has surrounded himself with like human-shields since taking office.


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