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Remember boys and girls, as goes Virginia, so goes the rest of the nation. Many have dismissed Virginia due to the controversy surrounding access to the Republican ballot but make no doubt Virginia is the political litmus test for the United States of America. Virginia has made her mark on this country since Jamestown and that trend isn’t going to end soon.


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Tonight the President will put in what equates to a beauty pageant and will further flame the fires of rhetoric that divide the American populace. Attacking those who have excelled in the free market by using slight of hand to enrage those who haven’t been educated in the art of investment and impede economic growth by further crushing capital used to create businesses. The more government gets the less risk individuals will take to create these businesses. Overall he will attempt to advantage of the slight push recently by the economy and give yet another empty speech. Words do not create businesses; neither does the government especially when it ties the hands of the market with poor economic policy and regulations. The current administrations blueprint will never be successful as it doesn’t empower free individuals and free markets. Tonight the President will parade Warren Buffet’s secretary (who Buffet should just pay in stocks like he pays himself so that she would be in the same income tax bracket) and fill the Presidential Box with celebrities. Nothing new here; just another empty speech from an empty Administration.

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We may not have our Ronald Reagan yet, but you guys definitely have your Jimmy Carter!!   Leave a comment


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The Pilgrims’ initial landing was not at Plymouth Rock; feel free to
check any contemporary references. The rock became a part of
historical lore 121 years after the landing. They also didn’t
celebrate the first Thanksgiving; that happened in Virginia on
December 4, 1619 at Berkeley Hundred. One can find the particulars
within The Charter of Berkeley Plantation, which required that the day
of arrival be observed yearly as a “day of thanksgiving” to God and
declared, “We ordain that the day of our ships arrival at the place
assigned for plantation in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and
perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God.”

Clearly we have done this right in Virginia; however, I digress.
No, this isn’t a discourse on the proper role of religious liberty and
freedom as it relates to the foundation or future of the United
States. From my perspective I cannot comprehend how anyone can deny
the role of divine providence in the founding of the
United States of America. However; that dialogue is best placed in
the hands of theologians and religious leaders of all faiths and
denominations. Furthermore, it’s best left out of discussions related
to government, and well outside the walls of establishments serving
adult libations. The intent is to find common ground without either
side of the isle feeling like they have compromised their integrity.

Atheists marvel at the power of the atom while those of us who
exercise faith (whether in the Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or
other religious tradition) marvel in the concept of a divine creator.
We would all be best served if we allowed ourselves to marvel at one
another’s belief system (political or religious) with some degree of

The political discord of today is deafening; much of it futile, with
little understanding (or even an attempt at understanding) the
opposing side’s view. The divisive topics leading to dissension have
little to do with the principles of government laid out by the
founders. They accumulate, for some members of the populace, into
white noise or a wall of sound that resembles the chatter which is
typically reserved to adolescents discussing whose paternal figure can
perform some various feat of strength to a higher degree. In the end,
we all suffer because many of us become disengaged. In science, bases
neutralize the corrosive powers of acids. In the Judeo-Christian
tradition; Matthew 5:9 states “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they
shall be called the children of God.”

The process is the different;
the outcome the same. Peace, Prosperity and Protection. Our common
ground is fiscal integrity and neither party has delivered. Perhaps we
should remember, after all, “Don’t Tread On Me” goes both ways. After
all our cause is just, and that is to preserve that greatest hope
for humanity; the United States of America.

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Voters didn’t pay attention when Hillary Clinton’s Campaign complained that the media was vetting Obama with kid gloves in the last Election. I personally had a harder time getting two dollars out of my parents in high school for a Friday Night.

One must wonder gentle the liberal media will be the second trip around the block for President Obama. If anything he should be grateful as conservatives appear to be handling the vetting for their candidates during the caucus and primary season. Despite the very public Republican Family Feud; once a nominee has been anointed, the liberal media will be sure to give them a good flourishing. The nominee will get the old prostate exam, in which the media will be sure to use large hands and they be will screaming “Moonriver” well in advance of Election Day. Meanwhile; Obama will have it easier than a high school kid getting a hall pass to catch a smoke in the boys room.

This cannot happen again. The Republican nominee and anyone who supports sending him back to Chicago must apply pressure to the media to truly vet him this time around. Not to mention the swat team of Czars and bureaucrats he has surrounded himself with like human-shields since taking office.

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Third World by John Hardy Willson, a Contributor   Leave a comment

How cute, Obama can channel his inner Al Green. So we can add singing to his list of talents, in addition to reading off a TelePrompTer and dancing around issues. Nothing like pandering to the base. Regardless of how hip the POTUS is; it doesn’t account for his failed policies and overall lack of leadership. Anyone can be a manager; it’s another thing to be leader and produce a positive result.

Make no mistake should President Obama take the field on Election Day, November 6, 2012, the United States of America will cease to exist as we know it. His administration will quicken their pace of dismantling the country faster than a NASCAR Pit Crew can change four tires. The free market system has already been crippled by the current administrations policies but post 11/6/12, it will come to a grinding halt. President Obama will dance a jig on the grave of Adam Smith and leave nothing less than a debt laden third world consumer plantation. His wife will be so proud.

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